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St. Nicholas Box 12 cm S

CZK 6,856

Hand-cut crystal box from St. Nicholas collection.

Design: Rony Plesl

St. Nicholas

A hundred towers proudly rise below the Prague Castle. Yet for centuries only one dome defined the Lesser Town. The astounding Baroque pearl, the queen of Prague’s churches, magnificent and uplifting.

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St. Nicholas
Product type
12 cm
Rony Plesl
Lead-free crystal

The St. Nicholas pieces are among the most identifiable among Rückl crystal products. Rony Plesl, the glassworks designer and Art Director, employed several features typical for us, from pink crystal to their distinct geometrically precise cut. He found inspiration in one of the most dominant examples of Prague architecture – the cupola of the Baroque church of St. Nicholas at Malá Strana.

Aside from hand-blowing and perfect manual cutting, the St. Nicholas collection of crystal boxes employs one more traditional method called ‘high enamel.’ It is used for the production of the little cone that serves to pick up the lid. Our painter uses this ancient and nearly forgotten technique and watching her paint this cone is a fascinating spectacle. We at Rückl are very proud of her.

It’s entirely up to you how you use the St. Nicholas collection – perhaps as a jewelry box, a candy jar or a secret place to store personal memorabilia. Regardless of which treasures you choose to hide in this crystal chest, you will always enjoy the magnificent design reminiscent of the shiniest pearls of Baroque architecture.

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