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Diffuser Golem II Crystal 15 cm

CZK 4,906 incl. VAT

Hand-cut crystal diffuser from Golem collection.

Design: Rony Plesl


The earth shakes and in the distance we hear thudding steps. The air fills with clay-dust and a carmine glow floods the streets of Prague’s Old Town. After many quiet years, the Golem has set off on a journey to meet his creator.

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Golem II
Product type
clear & gold
15 cm
Rony Plesl
Lead-free crystal with genuine gold

‘Špičtajn’ is the classic Bohemian-crystal cut formed by small pyramids. Designer Rony Plesl wrapped vases, carafes and aroma diffusers with this notable, delicate pattern that at once lends crystal a haptic roughness and monumentality. He was inspired by the famous Prague legend of the Golem and its creator, Rabbi Löw. Instead of the magical shem, the designer placed a red crystal to Golem’s forehead, breathing new life into this Czech-crystal legend.

As all other collections from Rückl Glassworks, Golem is also hand-blown into a wooden form and decorated by cutting for several hours in our workshop in Nižbor. Along with our master glassmakers and cutters, Golem also requires the work of our painter. She paints the crystal carafes and diffusers with pure gold, providing Golem a new face.

Along with vases, the Golem collection also includes carafes and aroma diffusers. Simply fill the diffuser with an interior scent and, using bamboo sticks, allow the fragrance to fill your home. You can pick from two color versions – classic clear, highlighting both the minimalist design and the exceptional quality of our crystal, or classic ‘cigar’ brown.

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