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Absinth Glass Wilde

CZK 1,699 incl. VAT / ks (CZK 3,398 per package)

Hand-cut crystal absinth glass.

Design: Lukáš Novák

Our glasses come in packages of 2 pieces and therefore can not be purchased individually.

The absinth aficionado and Victorian hedonist knew how to enjoy life to the fullest. Yet, the hand-cut snake serves as a reminder of the fatal temptations, the sins of a Bohemian lifestyle that even Oscar Wilde couldn’t resist.

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145 ml
Lukáš Novák
Lead-free crystal

The Wilde Collection references the great stories of Oscar Wilde, the world-renowned English writer and hedonist. As the name suggests, it symbolizes the wild, unbound and intoxicating desire to enjoy life to its fullest. Designer Lukáš Novák found inspiration in original sin and its symbolism. The hand-cut snake coils along the shape of each piece of the Wilde drinkware set to remind us of irresistible temptations. 

Hand-made production and top-quality Czech crystal are the mainstays of Rückl Glassworks. Our crystal is handled by dozens of craftsmen. Wooden forms serve master glassmakers when achieving the precise shapes designers outline in drawings. Once having blown the carafes or glasses from the Wilde Collection, the crystal must cool down for many hours to prepare for the glass-cutting process. The master glass-cutters of Nižbor engrave the motif of the winding snakes with extreme precision, cut after cut by hand on each crystal product. The Wilde Collection is unusual with its cutting taken all the way to the edges of each glass.

The unifying element of the entire Wilde Collection is its hand-cut snake that coils around each type of glass or carafe in a unique way to highlight its graceful beauty. The featured product of the collection is its absinth glass with an ingenious chalice shape and the symbol of a venom droplet. It was designed according to historic glasses that were used by Oscar Wilde to drink this mystical beverage. The collection also includes a crystal carafe, champagne, liqueur, whiskey and wine glasses, as well as tall glasses for water. 

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