Rückl crystal brings elegance to everyday moments and special occasions through original design and top quality. Building on tradition, Rückl contributes to the renaissance of Czech glassmaking craft. 

Champagne Cooler CHAMPAGNE

CZK 8,470 incl. VAT

Crystal from Rückl is made for important occasions and celebrations, whether you are toasting life's great milestones or just everyday pleasures - and the new CHAMPAGNE crystal ice bucket is a continuation of this. 


*This product is only available on order with delivery within five weeks.


The impressive piece of hand-blown crystal has passed through the skilled hands of master glassmakers and cutters in the Nizibor glassworks to become a design solitaire on your table or home bar, adorned with the all-encompassing CHAMPAGNE inscription. A dewy object made of clear crystal filled with ice and bottles from your archives will become an unmissable party decoration and a symbol of refinement with a touch of bonvivantism.

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T 80G41/0/240/000/04B43/0/004
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Rony Plesl
Lead-free crystal

Rückl crystal is perfectly suited for exceptional occasions and celebrations. Whether you are toasting to major milestones of your lifetime or just enjoying an everyday pleasure, we created this new CHAMPAGNE Ice Bucket for just such moments. 

Rony Plesl, Rückl’s Art Director adds, “Champagne is only grown in one region in the world, making its name original and unmistakable. The word CHAMPAGNE alone creates the pattern and winds around the entire vessel. We created this ice bucked with great admiration and respect. Cheers!”

The impressive piece of hand-blown crystal comes from the hands of experienced master glassmakers and glass cutters in our glassworks in Nižbor, Central Bohemia. Decorated with the simple word CHAMPAGNE, it is destined to become a design piece on your table or in your home bar. 

The misty vessel from clear crystal, filled with ice and a bottle from your cellar, will become a centerpiece addition to any party, as well as a symbol of elegance with just a pinch of hedonism. 

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