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Vase EMA Heroine 43 cm smoke

CZK 37,796 incl. VAT

Hand-cut crystal vase EMA from HEROINE collection.

Design: Kateřina Handlová


*Product can be purchased in advance. Estimated delivery time is 7 weeks.

The EMA vase is inspired by an exceptional woman of Czech music history – Emma Destinová. Although she did not meet with much understanding at first, she became famous as an opera singer despite life's obstacles and managed to return to the boards of the National Theatre in the last year of the war, where she always sang the Czech national anthem at the end of her concerts. Her unbreakability and ”strength in the throat” is symbolized by the deep triangular cut of the throat, which gives the Ema vase its refined elegance.

Delivery time

Our grinders have their hands full, so you sometimes have to wait for Rückl products. The product can be purchased in pre-order.

Guarantee of safe delivery

You don't have to worry, our crystal will be delivered reliably to your home. Through packaging and insurance during transport will take care of everything.

43 cm
Kateřina Handlová
Lead-free crystal
*Product can be purchased in advance. Estimated delivery time is 7 weeks.

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