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Whiskey glass Mr. K.

CZK 1,071 incl. VAT / ks (CZK 2,142 per package)

Hand-cut crystal whiskey glass from the Mr. K. collection.

Design: Rony Plesl

Our glasses come in packages of 2 pieces and therefore can not be purchased individually.
Mr. K.

The calm appearance of Mr. K. conceals the typical Kafkaesque irony, as well as the permanent imprint that Frigo, the sad clown, left in world cinematography. This silent companion faces life seemingly without emotions, yet always with a slight smile and bird’s eye view.

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Mr. K.
Product type
310 ml
Rony Plesl
Lead-free crystal

The story of the Mr. K Collection began with a minimalist drawing and continues as Mr. K. arrives in your hands. Designer Rony Plesl drew the two dots and single line with purpose. They outline the silent face inspired by the sad clown of classic American cinematography – Buster Keaton. The seemingly simple décor adorning the top-quality Czech crystal thus carries an exceptionally strong emotion.

The minimalist hand-cutting of the Mr. K. Collection beautifully highlights the clear crystal. It’s made in our Nižbor glassworks where master glassmakers hand-blow this carafe into wooden forms. The last touches of our glass-cutters then take it to perfection. A few cuts of the diamond wheel create the strong one-of-a-kind expression of this collection. 

The carafes, whiskey, water and shot glasses are unified by a single hand-cut motif.  Thanks to its minimalistic design, it evokes strong emotions of humor and irony, as well as insight, while maintaining an easy combination across all Rückl collections.

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