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Candle IT WAS WRITTEN IN THE STARS Amor Fati Medium 550 ml crystal

CZK 4,560 incl. VAT

Hand-cut crystal candle with the scent of pachouli and amber.

Burning time up to 60 hours.


We present the candles in a new gift packaging

The IT WAS WRITTEN IN THE STARS candle carries the scent of orange, lime, amber, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and moss. The candle transports you into the mysterious world of the stars at night. Orange and lime open the doors to this nocturnal adventure, as if you are stepping into a dark horizon sprinkled with diamonds. Amber and sandalwood, intertwined with this composition, form a stable pillar of this fragrant serenade. Patchouli and vanilla add a sensual and harmonious impression, while the moss, like celestial dust, underscores the mystery and mystique of the night.

This candle invites you on a journey to the infinite universe, where every star is a glowing flame in the sky. Allow yourself to be carried away by this cosmic odyssey and let the night sky guide you to new adventures.

The fragrance essences are exclusively designed for Rückl by Hiermann Parfums.

All wooden covers are handmade and carefully crafted by master woodworkers. Thanks to this wooden cover, the crystal candle jar can also be used as a candy box after thoroughly washing off the soy wax.

How to use the candle?

After the first lighting, let the candle burn for at least two hours so that its entire surface melts, ensuring it will burn evenly and the candle's surface remains level. After blowing out the candle, center the wick and trim it to 3-5 mm before its next lighting to prevent unnecessary smoke.

Once the wax is burnt out, the candle can also be used as a glass. Simply wash out the wax gently with warm water and wipe it with a soft clean cloth meant for glass, ensuring the glass remains unscratched and crystal clear.

Guarantee of safe delivery

Don't worry, our crystal will be safely delivered to your home. Our goods are insured during transport and are securely packaged for shipping.

Amor Fati
Product type
Kateřina Handlová
eco-soya wax
Lead-free crystal with genuine gold
We present the candles in a new gift packaging

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