Rückl crystal brings elegance to everyday moments and special occasions through original design and top quality. Building on tradition, Rückl contributes to the renaissance of Czech glassmaking craft. 

Reveal the story behind the new collections

The fragility of crystal; powerful heroic stories; the uniqueness of the moment. We would like to introduce new collections by Kateřina Handlová - HERO.INE and SPIRIT.

HERO.INE collection

The power of fragility

Seven vases with a unique cut. A blend of fragility, punk and imperfect perfection. The HERO.INE collection pays tribute to strong and courageous women – heroines who have left a distinctive mark on art, culture or society, and celebrates their uniqueness and inner strength. They are united by courage, desire and passion for life. 

Vases in several colours and in five sizes correspond to the different needs of floral arrangements. The design of the vases from the HERO.INE collection works with contrasts based on the combination of light and dark, masculinity and femininity, solidity and delicacy of hand-cut. The dominant element of the collection of hand-blown vases is the distinctive deep cut, which takes master cutters several hours to process. 

For Kateřina Handlová vases are objects of passion and desire embodying symbolic value and emotions: "The symbolic value of vases lies in the fact that flowers are placed in them, which are carriers of joy and love. Whether we get the flowers or give them to ourselves. For me, a vase is not just an object of use, but an object that can elevate the whole interior, even if it is not filled with flowers – it can be the "hero.ine" of the interior."

SPIRIT collection

The beauty of the moment

The SPIRIT collection is a celebration of the extraordinary moments of everyday life. This collection presents a total of three hand-blown and cut beverage sets of carafes with glasses GENTLE, CONFIDENT and PURE designed for moments when you want to stop and enjoy the beauty of the present moment. The dominant element is the cut stoppers, which point to the history of the Rückl glassworks in the field of pharmaceutical glass, the imprint of which also bears the current logo of a stork with a stopper in its beak. 

The GENTLE and CONFIDENT carafes are designed for any alcoholic beverage and their key feature is the interchangeable stoppers. Thanks to this, the set can always have a new, unique character. The delicate hand-cutting, which is also reflected in the shape of the glasses and stoppers, represents the sense of craftsmanship precision for which Rückl is renowned. The sets include tumbler, highball or shotglass glasses which can be purchased separately, as can the glass-cut corks. The PURE water set includes glasses and a carafe, completed by a stopper reminiscent of a precious droplet that could at any moment just merge forever in the refreshing liquid held beneath it. The time fused into the glass drop, the delicacy of the cut and the golden details add originality to the set and embody the moment of enjoying the beauty of the moment. 


The SPIRIT collection figuratively refers to the double meaning of the identical English word, which denotes soul, courage or vitality, as well as distilled alcoholic beverages. The collection is designed for moments when we want to enjoy the present moment - to look into our soul or celebrate our life force.


The talented young designer Kateřina Handlová stamped her unique signature on her first collections as artistic director of the Rückl glassworks. Both new collections are a confident demonstration of the possibilities of working with traditional cut crystal in a modern way, but with reference to its historical heritage.

Kateřina is not afraid to look for unique patterns, combine softness with hardness or enrich glass with leather elements. The new collections reflect her interest in finding her own visual language within the Rückl brand, where she builds on previous collections, as well as in the technique of cut glass and technology, which has remained virtually unchanged over the last few centuries. It focuses on haptics, contrasts between fine detail and brutal oversized cuts, matte and polished surfaces, fragility and strength of glass.

Rückl X Loono

Another new feature of this collection is the collaboration between Rückl and the Czech non-profit organisation Loono, founded by Kateřina Šédová, who has become the face of the HERO•INE collection. Her strong story, her untamed courage, and her passion for what she does perfectly fits the definition of contemporary heroines. Loono is a non-profit organisation made up of a team of young doctors, medics and other professionals who spread awareness about the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease and mental illnesses.

10% of every COCO vase sold will be donated to the non-profit organisation Loono as part of this collaboration.


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